Remove Plaque And Tartar From Home

Looking to remove tooth plaque, tartar or calculus from home then we can help with our range of “teeth cleaning tools”.

If you looking to clean your pets teeth at home then check our “dog dental care” or “cat dental care” pages.

From time to time we will also be able to offer you “free dental samples” so check there often.

Everyone knows the importance of dental hygiene and brushing and flossing regularly, to keep teeth and gums healthy. However even the best oral hygiene regime can allow plaque to build up, harden and tartar or calculus to form.

Plaque is simply a bacterial sticky film that accumalates inbetween the teeth and gum line but can be removed with the regular brushing, flossing and rinsing. In fact this is the best way to “keep teeth healthy”

However, if it is not removed and plaque is allowed to harden and calcify, it sets like rock. Forming calculus or tartar, as its more commonly known and at this stage no amount of brushing will remove it.

This tartar build up, can then lead to mild gum disease, gingivitis. Red, swollen or bleeding gums, inflamation and infection or a more serious form of gum disease periodontitis leading to the looosening and eventual loss of teeth.

Just to be clear, gum disease affects pets too. In fact peridontal disease is one of the most common diseases in cats and dogs today. “Read more here”

Tartar around teeth may look ugly (pic) but it should really be removed for health reasons. There is no susbstitute for regular dental check ups but we realise many people prefer to clean their teeth and those of their pets at home, to avoid dental visits or the expense of a dental hygienist.

Either way, to remove both tooth plaque and tartar from teeth at home choose one of our home dental plaque remover kits, tartar removal tools or cat and dog pet oral sprays.